Product Showcase

HeatnGlo | Don Gardner Architects


In 1975 in a garage, Ron and Dan Shimek began tinkering with designs
to create a better fireplace experience—one that would combine the pure
draw of warmth and comfort with the style and simplicity of innovation.
Today more than ever, setting the mark for the best of living.

You seek to create a sanctuary, a worry-free oasis where you can love and live in comfort
and peace. We breathe innovation to foster that atmosphere of connection. Creating
experiences unrivaled today—from selection to installation to enjoyment—that define
the fireplaces of tomorrow.

Our forged-iron fronts look like a blacksmith made them. Our burners are
of 100-percent stainless steel. We individually hand paint every log and
interior. We cast our driftwood logs from those found along the Mississippi
River, and captivate the senses with LED accent lighting and glowing embers.
The closer you look, the more our details shine through.

You have a unique vision, and we help you express it. With more than 1,200 local
authorized dealers, we are your experienced advisor and installer. Whatever style
you choose, we bring it to life with safety, convenience and captivating presence.

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