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Clopay | Don Gardner Architects

Prepare to be wowed! Choosing a Clopay® Garage Door for your new home is an important decision since it can represent up to 40% of your home's curb appeal. Get inspired by checking out a few of the available garage door styles that can put the final touch on your new home's style.


Clopay Garage Doors Canyon Ridge Collection Ultra-Grain Coachman Collection Gallery Collection


Clopay Garage Doors Clopay - Modern Steel Collection Clopay - Canyon Ridge Collection medern Series Clopay - Avante Collection


Clopay Garage Doors Clopay - Traditional Gallery Collection Clopay - Classic Colleciton Steel Garage DoorsClopay - Traditional Classic Collection


Cloapy Garage Doors Clopay - Craftsman Coachman Collection Clopay - Craftsman Canyon Ridge Collection Ultra-Grain Clopay - Craftsman Gallery Collection


Clopay Garage Doors Clopay - Farmhouse Coachman Collection Clopay - Farmhouse Canyon Ridge Collection Clopay - Farmhouse Gallery Collection

Buying a new Clopay® garage door is easy and even fun! A Clopay® Dealer can help you find the perfect door for your home.


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