Cost Estimating

Thank you for your interest in Donald A. Gardner house plans. Due to the many factors that can affect the cost of building a home, we do not offer cost-to-build estimates for our home plans. As a residential design firm, we recognize that our clients want to be as certain as possible that the home they choose will work within their budget. Donald A. Gardner Architects strongly recommends that you consult a reliable home builder in your area to obtain an estimate for cost to build. To assist in this, we offer Materials Lists and Study Sets so that you may obtain pricing information from local builders and suppliers in your area, as prices will vary from region to region.

If you are interested in several house plans and would like a "guesstimate" on construction costs, you may wish to try an online estimating service or an "off the shelf" estimating software package. Donald A. Gardner Architects does not endorse any online estimating services or estimating software in any way. Estimates may not reflect the actual cost to build in your area. Donald A. Gardner Architects cannot guarantee that estimates received from online tools or software packages will be true and/or accurate. Again, we strongly recommend that you consult a reliable home builder for an accurate cost estimate.

Actual new home construction costs are affected by many factors, including but not limited to:

  • The size of the house
  • Land costs in your area
  • Interior upgrades such as fixtures, cabinetry, flooring, etc.
  • Site preparation or special site conditions, including tree or rock removal, sloping lots, or other conditions
  • Contractor and subcontractor availability in your area
  • Changes in economic conditions, including interest rates and inflation

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